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What is an Online Media Room and What to Include

An online media room is where companies compile their best news stories (think press releases, articles, awards, number sheets, etc.), as well as their media assets, and the contact information of the PR person in their organization.

This portion of a website is primarily meant for the media, however, potential customers will also land on this page during their research phase to see your accomplishments and learn more about your company’s updates.  

Creating and maintaining an online media room on your website can help you organize your news and make it easier for journalists to discover multiple reasons why they should pursue your stories.  

And, that’s why in today’s blog, whether you have a media room already or are thinking of creating one, we’re getting back to basics and covering… 

  • The benefits of an online media room 
  • Four things your media room should include 

The benefits of an online media room 

Let’s be honest…  

The internet is an overwhelming place.  

There’s more content available to us than we could ever consume in a lifetime.  

Because of this, if consumers can’t find what they’re looking for almost immediately, they’ll call of the mission.  

This is where an online media room comes in handy for a company because it compiles its most important news and information all in one, centralized location.

The other benefits of building a media room include: 

  1. Customization – It’s your media room, so you can do what you want with it. This level of customization helps companies control the narrative and position their messages based on their short- and long-term goals.  
  1. Convenience – Think of it as a one-stop shop where journalists can do their research about your company to help them write their stories.  
  1. Communication – Everyone inside and outside of your organization can stay in the know of your company’s latest news.  

Keep these benefits in mind when building your newsroom to help you focus solely on the content that positions your brand as a thought leader and expert in your industry.  

4 things your media room should include 

When building a media room, think of the quote if everything is bold, nothing is bold.  

With that in mind, you’ll want to be selective and deliberate in what information lives in your media room.

Here are four things you should include: 

Brand profile 

Don’t send readers on a wild goose chase trying to find your information. Include a succinct boilerplate that addresses: 

  • The backstory of your company (What year was it founded? By who? Why? What do you do?) 
  • Your company’s mission and values 
  • Achievements that illustrate your company’s value to the consumer
  • Company milestones 

Relevant Content

As mentioned before, an online media room is a centralized place for a brand’s most important information.  

To that point, consider including: 

  • Press releases 
  • Data sheets 
  • Earned media opportunities 
  • Press kits

Be selective in what you choose to include. Remember, journalists are coming to your media room for information that will help them write their stories and leads are coming here as part of their vetting process.  

Serve them with the most relevant and informative content you have about your brand.  

Press Kit 

Serve your information on a silver platter to the media by building a press kit that includes: 

  • Your brand’s bio 
  • Brand logos 
  • Hi-resolution imagery (headshots of executives, products, events, etc.) 
  • Highlights of company awards and milestones 
  • A current company contact (name, title, phone number, email address) 


Share your brand’s social media handles to make it easier for journalists and website visitors to find, connect, and engage with you.  

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Maria Marchewka is a Digital Marketing Strategist at Newswire. Maria is an experienced copywriter, social media marketer, content creator, strategist, and project manager. Her firm belief in being a practitioner and not a preacher of marketing concepts has put her in a position to help companies build brand awareness and connect with their target audiences online.

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