2017 Press Release Marketing Trends

The press release has been a marketing and business tool for decades. However, it has evolved over the years. As technology and media channels change, so too does the way we can leverage the press release. Today’s press release looks quite different from its predecessors, and it’s used in much more powerful ways. In 2017, you can expect the following press release marketing trends.


  1. Media Outreach is Essential – Today there is tremendous competition for press releases. That doesn’t mean you should stop writing and distributing them when you have a newsworthy story. What it does mean is that media outreach and developing media relationships is essential. It’s always a good idea to have media connections, and it will put you ahead of your competition in 2017.
  2. Focus on Thought Leadership – Your content marketing, and the foundation of your press and PR strategy, should contain a good deal of thought leadership focus. Be the company that is innovative and on the cutting edge in your industry. Explore ways to do things differently, learn about your audience, and engage your prospects. This approach establishes you as a credible authority in your industry. It also means you’re the influencer in your niche and the company that people, including the media, turn to for information and insight.
  3. Promote Your Content – When the media (and your audience) are looking for answers and information, they need to be able to readily find your information. Create exceptional content and then promote it. Create a content promotion plan to get the most from each piece of content that you publish online. When you do reach out to the media with a story idea, make sure these key pieces of content are included in your media kit and easily accessible.
  4. Embrace Native Advertising and Social Ads – There is power in advertorials and sponsored content if the content is relevant and valuable to your audience. Align press release campaigns with sponsored content to create a seamless message across multiple channels. Social advertising and native advertising is powerful because it doesn’t interrupt your reader’s flow as they access information. It fits perfectly into their newsfeed and builds your brand reputation.
  5. Video Continues to Be a Powerful Addition – Video in press releases has been quite powerful in the past. Studies have shown that media representatives respond more often and more favorably when there is video in a press release. Start embedding short, relevant, and well-produced video into your press releases. Add them to your media kit and start leveraging this content format.

Press release marketing trends for 2017 provide powerful and effective ways to grow your business. If you’re not currently embracing these trends, look for ways to begin integrating them into your strategy.

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Anthony Santiago is Director of Marketing at Newswire. With over a decade of experience in PR, he helps ensure that clients understand the value of brand messaging and reach.

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