Positioning Yourself As An Authority Using Press Releases

It can be valuable to your business to position you and your company as authorities in different areas concerning your industry. You are an authority. You know more about the things in and around your life than any other person. Your business is an authority. It has a position in the industry that no others fill.

You can utilize press releases to help put you in a position of authority to customers, to journalists, and to others in the industry.  It is important to create a press release that catches the eye of the reader, that puts forth a professional image, and that is clear and concise in the writing.

Make Press Releases Position You as an Authority

– Gain traction through new projects or other company ventures. Each time you release a new press release, you have the potential for drawing attention to you and to your company. Use new projects or new company activities as opportunities to create the press releases. Always include information about you and your company with a focus on the information that will put you in the light of authority.

– Create authority with social media. The more people see your name in reference to a topic or an industry, the more they will associate your name as being an authority in that area. Press releases give you the perfect opportunity to focus on particular activities or events that can be shared throughout social media. Create a post specific to the social media but that links back to the full press release. Be sure that your information is included in the social media post since you are utilizing this tool to raise awareness on your authority in the area.

– Distribute press releases through multiple venues. Press releases allow you to get your story out to a wide range of venues – from local publications to national news. The more areas that utilize the story, the more life those stories will give to your position as an authority on the subject.

A press release can do more than just announce a new product or a new venture. The rightly crafted press release can build your authority in the industry. Utilize the story idea to highlight your position as an expert or authority on the subject. Keep the details pertinent to the story so that it keeps the attention of the readers.

Journalists and editors are always on the lookout for leaders in an industry. They want experts available to speak on subjects on short notice. The more these journalists, editors, and producers see your name connected with a topic – through press releases – the more likely they will be to turn to you when the need for an authority arises.

It is important to invest time and resources into crafting quality press releases. Stories that catch the attention of the readers will likely be shared. It is in the sharing of your press releases that you begin to position yourself as an authority in a given area.

Anthony Santiago is Director of Marketing at Newswire. With over a decade of experience in PR, he helps ensure that clients understand the value of brand messaging and reach.

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