Analytics Empowering the Earned Media Advantage

Rich Data Collection to Empower Decisions

  • Report campaign metrics
  • Analyze key channels
  • Calculate media value
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EMA Analytics
Earned Media Advantage overview

Distribute The Right Message to the Right Audience at the Right Time

Collect and capture important key data to help your team understand the impact of your campaigns.

Performance Data

Our Analytics provides you with the tools to understand your content engagement and performance across media channels. Get a rela-time snapshot in seconds.

PDF Reporting

A customized PDF report is available for PR submissions and can be downloaded directly from your member panel. Each PDF contains a detailed listing of the exact URLs where your press release has been published to. Share this report with colleagues and stakeholders.

Email Opens & Clicks

Email campaigns can be easily tracked using our analytics. You are able to review open rates and click through rate on all links. The ability to measure ROI on each campaign will give you confidence at every stage of engagement.

Newswire’s Analytics

Track Performance Data

  • Locate where your readers are
  • Understand campaign metrics
  • Analyze engagement for better ROI
Let's Get Started - Analytics
Track Performance

Full reporting for your campaigns and content. Use data to understand your insights for maximum ROI.

Social Media Engagement

  • Track Facebook likes and Twitter shares
  • Engage in social conversations
  • Expand your following
Let's Get Started - Analytics
Social Media Engagement

Track important social media signals such as Facebook likes and Tweets in our Analytics. Measure your content engagement and conversations related to your campaigns.

Google Analytics Integration

  • Capture more data
  • Track engagement on your content
  • Integrate easily without any code
Let's Get Started - Analytics
Google Analytics Integration

Add your own Google Analytics code to your member panel and gather more comprehensive data for your team.

Learn and Experience!

Newswire’s Analytics
Empower The Earned Media Advantage!

Analytics measures the results of the campaigns empowering the Media Advantage Plan: greater brand awareness, increased traffic, greater return on media spend and increased sales!

“Transforming the Value of a Press Release”

Discover how businesses can transform the value of their owned media (press releases) into the Media Advantage Plan

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