Media Watch Empowering the Earned Media Advantage

Monitor Stories and Find Your Critical Mentions

  • Track important news
  • Measure author sentiment
  • Identify industry trends
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Media Watch
Earned Media Advantage overview

Distribute The Right Message to the Right Audience at the Right Time

Media Watch lets you monitor content closely to measure article sentiment, track coverage and discover trends. Use data to make informed decisions.

Newswire’s Media Watch

Get the Inside Track on Stories

  • Monitor global news feeds with one platform
  • Access millions of stories across the world
  • Measure article sentiment
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Media Watch

Monitor global news feeds with one easy platform. Our partnerships with world-class data companies enable Newswire’s Media Watch to provide you access to millions of stories in web, print and broadcast from across hundreds of countries.

Powerful Filtering Options

  • Filter out the noise
  • Locate specific stories
  • Save hours of time
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Powerful Filtering

Run unlimited queries so that you can better understand your campaign's full scope. Our extensive filtering process saves you time from sifting through thousands of articles to locate specific mentions. Plus, gain competitive intelligence by tracking various alerts in your industry.

Real-time Notifications

  • Receive SMS text and email alerts
  • Identify breaking opportunities
  • Respond quickly to crisis management
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Real-time Notifications

React quickly and plan strategically on the fly. Find out what is being said the moment it's published. Have your alerts delivered via email or SMS text in real-time, hourly, daily, or weekly frequency.

Robust Content Archive

  • Browse original source content
  • Track history on stories
  • Store important news clippings
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Content Archive

Browse through our rich content archive to find the right story. Access original material, taking you a step back into history.

Easy News Clippings

  • Showcase earned media pickup
  • Organize content using lists
  • Share with stakeholders
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Easy News Clippings

Share your News Clippings lists with your team for effective campaign management.

Learn and Experience!

Newswire’s Media Watch
Empowers The Earned Media Advantage!

Media Watch tracks and measures the impact of the right message delivered to the right audience at the right time empowering the Earned Media Advantage: greater brand awareness, increased traffic, greater return on media spend and increased sales!

“Transforming the Value of a Press Release”

Discover how businesses can transform the value of their owned media (press releases) into the Media Advantage Plan

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