Why You Need an Online Social Newsroom

Just a decade or two ago, a company “newsroom” was the public relations interface between a business and media professionals such as newspaper staffers and local (and in the case of large corporations, national) television professionals. But today you may be unnecessarily limiting the reach of your press release and public relations efforts by sticking to that outdated view.

It’s true that the traditional media professionals are still likely to use your company newsroom. But are you actively facilitating connections between your business and other types of interested media outlets? And are you fully embracing the realities of what constitutes “news” in today’s social media world, and how that news spreads? Instead of talking about your “newsroom,” you’re hopefully thinking in terms of a “social newsroom.”

What is a Social Newsroom? In broad terms, a social newsroom is a page or section of your website where you post not only your press releases, but other company information, publications and other materials that may be interested to traditional and social news and media outlets. The information that you post or publish in your company’s social newsroom may also be accessed by current and potential customers, industry bloggers and commentators, current and future employees, as well as businesses you otherwise partner or work with, and even those businesses that may be interested in partnering were working with you.

There are Many Paths to Media Coverage. It’s no longer the case that once you manage to get your press release picked up in your local paper or for a story on the local news, you’ve pretty much done everything you could. There are now many different paths by which your business can attract media attention, simply because the definition of “media” has grown so much.

When you put the time and effort into carefully crafting a social newsroom, you can maximize the potential reach of your business promotions, attract favorable media attention, and from their gain additional coverage for your future press releases.

What to Consider Including in Your Social Newsroom. Your press releases are still going to be the foundation of your social newsroom, but there are many other things you can include. While every business may be different, there are some common elements.

For example, even if you already have your contact information listed on an “about us” or similar page elsewhere on your website, include the information again in your social newsroom. If someone reads a press release or other information on your company and wants to engage in further conversation, you want it to be as easy as possible for this person to make contact.

You might also include copies of your Facebook and Twitter feeds (with links on how to subscribe to each), links to your company blog(s) (and any RSS feeds), as well as any official publications, pamphlets or brochures that you use in your business. If you have a particularly active presence on any particular social media network, you might want to have a separate page within your social newsroom devoted to that information.

Regardless of how you approach your social newsroom, always keep in mind that the goal is to make it easy for others to learn about your business, and to get them interested in learning even more.


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