Small Marketing Budget? 5 Free Ways to Market Your Business with Press Releases

Your marketing plan likely has many channels and tactics. From email marketing to content marketing, these tactics can add up. If you have a small marketing budget, you may feel limited with what you can accomplish. Press releases are one marketing tool you can use, and they won’t break your budget. In fact, there are many opportunities throughout the year to market your business with a free press release.

Launches and Promotions

Whenever you are launching a new product or service, it’s an ideal time to write and publish a press release. Distribution services mean that your press release can drive traffic to your launch sales page. The same holds true for any new promotions. For example, you might normally offer a home study course and now you’re offering a home study course and two hours of coaching for the price of your home study course. This offers new value and a press release is a budget friendly way to get the word out.

New Business Model

If you make a change to your business model or you add a new model to your business, you can issue a press release to announce the news. The release should highlight the benefit your customers and prospects gain, and how the new model will impact their lives.

Partnerships/ Joint Ventures

Forging a partnership with a new company or industry professional? Tell your audience about it with a press release. Again, the key to remember with press release marketing is to make sure that it’s both newsworthy and relevant and valuable to your audience. Why would a joint venture or new partnership benefit them?

Hosting an Event

Often, live events like webinars are used to help build momentum for a new product or service. If you’re getting ready to launch and you’re in the pre-launch marketing phase, you can use a press release to help build excitement by promoting your event.

Making the News

Other opportunities for a press release include reaching business milestones, hiring an industry pro to work at your company or when someone on your staff is involved in something newsworthy. For example, if someone on your team is giving a TedTalk, that would be worthy of a press release.

Press releases can be completely free. If you know how to write a press release or have someone on your team who can write one, then you have just taken care of the most expensive part of this marketing tactic. Press release distribution services often offer free distribution and you can pay a little extra to receive additional features and resources. If you’re on a tight budget, issuing a press release is a budget friendly marketing tactic to consider.

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