Press Release Or Sales Pitch – Know The Difference

There are distinct differences between a press release and a sales pitch. Knowing those differences can be vital to making the most of both tools. Many small businesses think of press releases as advertisements and use the medium to share sales pitches. Sales pitches are meant as an introduction to a product or company and they are crafted to target individuals. Press releases are designed to share a story or idea and they should be crafted to target the news and media industry at large.

Elements of a Sales Pitch

– Think of the sales pitch as the cover letter to a resume – almost. It is the introduction and should be brief and to the point. Sales pitches are sent to individual journalists or editors that have a connection or write in the area concerning the product or company.

– Tell about your company or product. A sales pitch is an advertisement. It will highlight the product or company.

– Share why the recipients of the letter should care about the company or product. They need to understand what is in it for them.

– Provide a way for the recipients to get more information or to make a purchase. A sales pitch is selling the item or product so you want to include a way for that to occur.

– Crafted with an informal tone or conversational flow.

– Sales pitches are designed to persuade readers to follow through with a purchase or connection.

Elements of a Press Release

– The press release is a detailed story about the product or company. It is longer than a sales pitch – although it should also be as concise as possible. It can be sent out to a wider field or even placed within press release services.

– A press release will include news-worthy information. It is not just an announcement of a product or company. There needs to be a news story within the press release.

– A story or idea creates the value in the press release. It paints an engaging tale that draws a reader in. Although information to learn more may be included, a direct way to purchase the product is rarely included in a press release.

Sales pitches and press releases can play a part in building your successful small business, but they are not interchangeable. Each has a unique place within your marketing plan.

Sales pitches are more informal and targeted to specific individuals. They are crafted to persuade and provide information and follow-through options.

Press releases tell a story or share an idea. They are formatted with a formal structure according to industry standards and shared across multiple platforms for maximum coverage.

Investing the time and resources into understanding sales pitches and press releases can help you make the most of these tools. Each of them has a place in your marketing plan. Recognizing their benefits and focus will help you find the right ways to put sales pitches and press releases to work in building your small business success.

Anthony Santiago is Director of Marketing at Newswire. With over a decade of experience in PR, he helps ensure that clients understand the value of brand messaging and reach.

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