Is Your Press Release Reaching The Right Audience?

Each time you submit and distribute a press release, you’re able to review a vast amount of data. You can see social media shares, tweets, and likes. You can track clicks and conversions. You can see how many people viewed your release and how many republished it.

Set up a campaign in Google Analytics to measure results and you can track what people do on your website once they get there, including how long they stay and what pages they view. This is all fantastic and useful information. However, one key piece of information that’s often overlooked is the geographic data.

Where to Find Geographic Data

Google Analytics campaigns regularly display geographic data. You can look to see what country or state your visitors are coming from. A good press release distribution site often provides many levels of data and analytics, including geographic data. You can see where your readers are and track which press releases resonate with them.

What You Can Learn

When you review geographic data from press release distribution sites you can learn a variety of important measurements. For example, it’s quite possible that while your audience may be primarily in one region, your press releases are more successful in another. This can help you adapt your marketing and even your product or service line to meet a change in demand or a new opportunity.

Using Geographic Data to Improve Your Press Release ROI

Geographic data also presents an opportunity. It gives you the ability to craft and create press releases that specifically appeal to a region that you’re interested in growing. For example, you can create a press release that focuses specifically on that region. You might hold events in the region that are responsive to your releases. You could create a specific marketing campaign for the region and use press releases as a means to draw attention to a special promotion.

Another example of how geographic data can help you improve your press release return on investment can be though tagging. Location based keywords can help your press release be found by more people in a targeted region.

Analytics provides business owners with an abundance of information and opportunities. When you combine that information with your press release marketing strategy, you can create campaigns that are designed to achieve highly specific goals. You’re able to use the power of segmentation to craft press releases that appeal to geographic audiences.

Make analytics part of your press release strategy. Find a press release distribution service that provides useful analytics including geographic data. When combined with Google Analytics or another analytics program you’ll have the information you need. Just don’t forget to make reviewing data part of your press release marketing plan.

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