How to Write Good Press Release Quotes

There are no unimportant parts of a press release. Every word, every phrase and every paragraph plays a critical role in the success of your release. Each sentence either helps your release get picked up by the media or passed up. One area where most press releases could use some improvement is the quote.

The Role of a Press Release Quote

Quotes in a press release add personality to an otherwise formal and often boring piece of content. Quotes express opinions, give insight, and add a component to a release that is unique. It’s also essential. If you have a good quote in your release, the media may pick up that quote and run with it. It could be the cornerstone of your success. Because they’re so important, let’s take a look at a few tips to write better press release quotes.

#1 Write the Quote Conversationally – So much of a press release is formal. A quote gives you the opportunity to express yourself. Don’t write the quote using the same formal language. Write it as if someone really spoke it. In fact, instead of manufacturing a quote, consider talking to people and record what they say. A good quote may come out of your questions and conversation.

#2 Quote a Customer – Instead of grabbing quotes from managers, business owners, and executives, talk to customers. There’s nothing quite as powerful as a quote from a customer because they usually stick the jargon and formal business language, but also they provide a unique insight that your audience and the media will appreciate.

#3 Don’t Make them Up – Most journalists can spot a fake quote. Don’t do it. Not only are they generally not great quotes, they’re never as good as a real quote from a real person.

#4 Keep it Short and Sweet – Make sure your quotes are as insightful and clear as possible. Make them brief but memorable. Being succinct means skipping verbs, adjectives, and adverbs that don’t help your cause.

#5 Don’t Waste The Opportunity – Often, people simply throw in a quote because they know they need one. They throw away the opportunity with, “We’re excited about the product launch.” This quote says and accomplishes nothing.

#6 Don’t Skip, Don’t Overwhelm – Two is a good rule of thumb for the number of quotes in your press release. No more, no less.

#7 Practice Your Interviewing Skills – The best way to get great quotes is to polish your interviewing skills. Learn how to pull useful information out of a person and then tweak the quote to give your release the biggest impact.

Finally, keep in mind that your quotes need to be properly positioned within the body of your release. They need to support claims or other information that you’re presenting. Learning to write great quotes can have a dramatic impact on the success of your press releases.

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