Marketing Strategies for Streamlined Press Release Writing

Press releases are part of an overall marketing strategy. They play a key role in building traffic, engagement, and awareness. Press releases are often treated as an afterthought or a way to deal with brand challenges, however when they’re part of your marketing efforts you’ll generally see better results.


The challenge is to create a streamlined system for press release writing. The following six tips and suggestions will help you organize your press release writing and get better results.

#1 Time It with a Launch

Generally speaking, you can count on issuing at least one press release with every new product or service you launch and with every promotion. Integrating press releases with your launch planning will help you streamline the process.

For example, a product launch might contain 10 additional blog posts, an autoresponder series, and an advertising campaign. You can time your press release to fit strategically within your launch content and marketing tactics.

#2 Integrate Social Media Features and Functions

Make social media features and functions a consistent part of your press release structure. This means adding social media “share” and engagement buttons so that people can “like” and share your press release on social media. It also means including social media friendly features in your press release like video and infographics.

You can also make these particular media components shareable on social media. Finally, make sure that you always include your social media profiles in your contact information section of in your press release.

#3 Make It Part of Your Process

Make press release writing part of your marketing process. For example, you probably have a calendar and a marketing plan for social media. You might post every morning and follow up and engage with commenters every afternoon. You might post on your blog every other day and send your email newsletters a month.

You can also make press release writing a part of your marketing process. You might issue a press release every month. By making press release writing part of your process it helps your marketing team integrate it into their schedule.

#4 Coordinate Your Efforts – Project Management

You can streamline the press release marketing process by leveraging project management systems and coordinating your efforts. For example, your product launch probably has many deadlines and team members involved. You can integrate your press release writing into that timetable.

#5 Add It to Your Editorial Calendar

Add press releases to your editorial calendar. Editorial calendars outline what you’re publishing, where you’re publishing it, when you’re publishing it, and who is involved in the creation of the content. When you add your press releases into your editorial content, nothing is overlooked and everybody’s on schedule.

#6 Create a Press Release Team

Depending on the size of your business, your team may be contractors. Your press release team might include your press release distribution service, your virtual assistant and editor, and maybe even a press release writer or a ghost writer. Creating a team helps you create systems and make the most of your resources. They can have access to your editorial calendar and your project management systems to stay on track.

Press release writing becomes more organized and consistent when it’s embraced as a regular part of your marketing strategy. Instead of using press releases as an afterthought or an occasional marketing tactic, embrace them into your marketing plan and supporting systems. Build teams and processes that make it easy to consistently publish press releases that get results.

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Anthony Santiago is Director of Marketing at Newswire. With over a decade of experience in PR, he helps ensure that clients understand the value of brand messaging and reach.

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