3 Ways Press Releases Help You Attract an Audience

Press releases offer a number of benefits. When you begin adding them into your marketing mix it’s important to determine a goal for each of your press releases. What do you want them to accomplish and how will they help you reach your business goals? While there are many goals to choose from, and a vast number of ways that press releases can help you build your business, one goal to consider is using press releases to help you attract a larger audience.

It Will Be Picked Up by Others

When you write your press release and use a press release distribution service, you’re making your release available to people from around the globe. This is great because it’s going to be put in front of people that you might not reach with your other marketing techniques. However, the real power comes when your press release is picked up by other outlets. We’re talking about other bloggers and business owners, as well as other media outlets like industry magazines and newspapers.

When companies include data in their press releases they’re more often picked up by other publications. Visual content like graphs, charts, and video also help motivate people to pick up your release and publish it or share it with others.

Link Building and SEO

Another nice benefit and a great way to build your audience is through link building. As more people pick up, reprint, and share your press release, backlinks begin to add up. These links, assuming that they’re coming from reputable and relevant sources, help build your search page rank. As your rank increases, more people will be able to find your business information and URL. You’ll naturally achieve more traffic and grow your audience.

Increased Social Media Exposure

Social media press releases aren’t terribly new, but they’re becoming more mainstream and effective. Many press release distributors now work with you and social media outlets to make sure your press release gets the most exposure possible. By sharing your releases on social media and making them social media friendly, you’re exposing your business to a whole new audience. Each share, retweet, like, and follow becomes a new and potential large resource to increase your audience, reach, and prospects.

Work hard to create a powerful and purposeful press release. Define your goals, your audience, and your message. Attracting a larger audience is just one of the many potential benefits of a strong press release campaign.

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