How To Issue Your Press Release Using Vine And Instagram

There are dozens of social media sites that you can use to promote your press release. When most people think about social media releases and using social media to promote a press release, they think about the big players.

They think about Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and maybe Google Plus. The image based sites like Pinterest, Vine, and Instagram are often neglected. This gives you an opportunity. Your competition likely isn’t using these sites and they can be a tremendous asset to your press release marketing campaign. First, let’s get familiar with Vine and Instagram.

Vine – Vine is a platform that partners with Twitter. Users post six second looping videos. The brevity of the message forces people to get creative. And Vine videos can be shared on Twitter, thereby making it a tool that has the potential to reach millions.

Instagram – Instagram is a photo and sharing site that connects nicely with Flickr, Facebook, and Twitter. It’s available as an app on your mobile iOS or Android device.

Issuing Your Release on Vine

Video is one component you can add to a social media press release. However, those videos are generally longer than six seconds. You have the option to edit your press release video to a mere six seconds or to create a new video. Ideas for a brief video include a customer quote or testimonial, someone using your product or service in the video or even sharing a quick statistic or incentive.

The use of Vine to promote press releases is increasing so there are some creative approaches. You might consider using your headline as the attention grabber for your Vine. Remember that they’re shared on Twitter, so you have 140 characters including your link. Here’s an example released by the folks at

Welcome aboard to our new investors, team @bingfund! World’s first announcement via @vineapp:

Issuing Your Release on Instagram

When issuing your press release on Instagram, a photo sharing site, you have a few options. You can submit a photo that you’ve included in your press release. You can also share an image of your press release. You can try both tactics or you can try something that feels relevant and attention grabbing. The power of an Instagram release is in the description. Use the hashtag #pressrelease and include a catchy, and brief, description along with other keyword hashtags and a link to your release.

Both Instagram and Vine are social media sites, which means you need to have an account to use them. However, they’re free and may be a profitable and productive way to market your release and get more return on your investment.

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