How to Connect with Influencers on Social Media – And How It Helps You Build Media Relationships

Influencers are the people in your industry that your audience listens to. They can make a major impact on your company because with a simple tweet, mention, or product review they can drive traffic to your company website or sales page. Connecting with influencers on social media can also help you connect with the media.


How Connecting with Influencers Helps You Build Media Relationships

Influencers are people with a large following online. They are generally considered to be credible authorities in their respective industries. By connecting with influencers, you not only help establish yourself and your company as credible and authoritative, you also position yourself to be in front of the media. Most influencers have some connection with the media and you help create your own awareness with the media. As you engage with them, you may be introduced to journalists and media representatives as well. Use these connections when you reach out to them with a story idea.

Connecting with Influencers on Social Media

Now, it’s not enough to be a mere follower or commenter on social media. If you’re going to connect with an influencer on social media, then the connection must be genuine for it to offer benefit to your organization.

Genuine connections are created when:

  • You provide thoughtful comments and feedback on influencer posts.
  • They comment back and include your name in the comment. For example, @yourbusinessname. This helps drive traffic to your profile and builds awareness for you and your company.
  • The influencer comments or posts specifically about a product, service you offer.
  • The influencer comments or posts specifically about a blog or social media post that you’ve published.

So how do you create these connections?

It often starts slowly. Influencer relations, like media relations, can be about the long game. The first step is the introduction. Find and follow key influencers. Read their posts and comments. Start engaging with their posts. Offer value. This is imperative. Don’t just comment with a “thank you,” or a “great post.” Offer valid, relevant, and useful commentary or feedback. Ask questions and engage with the influencer.

Reach out. Once you feel like you’ve established a relationship and that the influencer knows who you are and what you’re about, consider reaching out in a private message or an email. Introduce yourself and make an offer. If you’re looking for the influencer to review a product or service, then make your pitch and let them know what’s in it for them and their audience. For example, they may get a free product, and you could include a discount for their audience to use when they publish the review.

Finally, be patient and persistent. Continue building and growing those influencer relationships. Keep putting yourself out there. The media are active on social media, and by positioning yourself well and connecting with the right people in your industry you’re helping to grow your business and your media relationships and exposure.

Anthony Santiago is Director of Marketing at Newswire. With over a decade of experience in PR, he helps ensure that clients understand the value of brand messaging and reach.

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