Hashtags and Press Releases – Success Tips

Hashtags are often used in social media. They help improve search for posts, which in turn can increase engagement and reach. You don’t have to limit your use of hashtags to social media. In fact, leveraging them in your content, including your press releases, can generate better results. We’ve compiled ten success tips for using hashtags in your press release marketing.


  1. Set goals – Always set goals. Decide what you want to achieve with both your press release and your hashtags.
  2. Measure results – Leverage your distribution service analytics and use your own analytics, like Google Analytics, to evaluate your hashtag success. Which tags grabbed attention? Which tags helped you achieve your goals?
  3. The news as a hashtag – Use the news in your press release as a hashtag. For example, #Newstudyfinds #researchresults.
  4. The event as a hashtag – Announcing an event, use the event as a hashtag. For example, #charity5k.
  5. Limit the number of hashtags – Don’t go overboard with your hashtags. Limit them to three to five. No more. Too many hashtags detract from their power and it can make it difficult to track.
  6. Keyword hashtags – Use the keywords that your audience might use to find your information. Think about the keywords you use in your content. What words or phrases are relevant to your press release?
  7. Location-based hashtags – If your press release is pertinent to your community, consider using location-based keywords. This may help you get attention from local media representatives.
  8. Trending hashtags – If your press release addresses a trending topic, or is relevant to one, then consider using popular or trending hashtags in your release. You’ll grab more search traffic.
  9. Name hashtags – Leverage the names of any people who are quoted or who are notable in your press release.
  10. #Pressrelease – The perfect, and necessary, hashtag when sharing your release on social media. It tells your audience what to expect. They appreciate it and it helps people who are searching for press releases on social media.
  11. Use them in your headline – Headlines are an important part of your press release. Some say they’re the most important. Your headline has to grab attention and tell your audience what your release is about. You may have success including hashtags in your release headline. Give it a shot. Of course, test and track your results.

These are just some quick and easy ideas. Look outside the box when using hashtags. You might be surprised how effective they can be in your press release marketing efforts. And of course, always set goals and evaluate your results so that you can continuously improve your success.

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Anthony Santiago is Director of Marketing at Newswire. With over a decade of experience in PR, he helps ensure that clients understand the value of brand messaging and reach.

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