Inspiring Ways to Connect With Your Audience On Social Media

Social media can play a critical role in your marketing strategy and business success. It’s a challenging tactic that requires you to stay consistent, fresh, and interesting. The following 20 ideas will help you grow your following and connect with your social media audience.


  1. Inspire them. Create a meme or graphic that uplifts them and helps them have a better day.
  2. Entertain them. Share a joke, a comic, or a funny video that’s relevant to your niche and the problems your audience is facing.
  3. Educate them. Show them how to solve a simple problem with a quick video – less than 3 minutes is a good time frame to work with.
  4. Empower them. Give them a quick list of tips or resources.
  5. Ask questions and start conversations.
  6. Give them access to information and free downloads. Worksheets and checklists are popular.
  7. Keep your content short and sweet. Your audience only has a few minutes to consider your post. Respect their time and provide value in small packages.
  8. Be strategic with your requests. It’s okay to ask them to share, like, and retweet. Just don’t ask them all of the time. Be selective.
  9. Tell stories. Share personal experiences and the experiences of those you’ve helped.
  10. Share visual content like videos and graphics. They perform well on social media and are shared and engaged with more often.
  11. Don’t use jargon. Communicate with your audience on their level.
  12. Help them connect with others. Share leaders, information, and resources that you know will help them. Your content should be about what’s in it for them. That sometimes means directing them to outside resources and information (but not to your competition of course!)
  13. Hold contests and encourage them to share.
  14. Hold sweepstakes and drawings. Give stuff away.
  15. Promote your followers. Your audience has something to say. Help them build their audience and connect with their audience by occasionally promoting them. Share their posts, mention their names, and include links to their content from time to time.
  16. Help them feel part of your community by engaging with them on a personal level. Respond to comments quickly and effectively.
  17. Learn what they want and give it to them. If they love checklists, then make sure to provide more of that content.
  18. Host events and invite them to your events. These could be Facebook events or online webinars.
  19. Respond in a timely manner when they ask you a question.
  20. Give credit where credit is due. When you use content that a follower shares with you, ask for permission and give them credit for it.

Social media connections are important. They help you grow your network. Your followers can be your best advocates. And many of your followers will become leads and customers. Treat them like you want to be treated when you engage with a brand or business on social media.

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Anthony Santiago is Director of Marketing at Newswire. With over a decade of experience in PR, he helps ensure that clients understand the value of brand messaging and reach.

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