How to Use Email to Distribute Your Press Release

Did you know that there are a handful of different ways you can distribute your press release? One of the most common is to use an online press release distribution service. They certainly cover the widest reach and help ensure you get maximum coverage for your release.

You can also publish your release on your social media page. Hopefully, you have a media tab on your pages so that the information can be organized and readily accessed. You can distribute your release by publishing it on your blog and/or website too.

But what about email? Many people forget that email is a press release distribution tool that can make a difference.

Who Do You Email?

Your Lists

If you have subscribers and email lists then why not send your press release to them? Consider also creating a customer list and emailing them your press release. Use the keywords “Press Release” in the subject line so that recipients know what the message is and aren’t surprised to read a press release.

Your Local Media Representatives

Begin connecting with and following local media representatives. Learn what they like, what types of stories they prefer, and who their audience is. Make your press release relevant to their audience and send your release along with a short pitch to them via email. (Follow up in a few days with a phone call).

Your Employees and Contractors

Let your team in on the good news. Share your press release with them via email. Again, make sure they know it’s a press release by including the keywords in your subject line.

How Do You Email?

Use Autoresponder for Lists

When you’re sending your press release to your lists, it’s most effective and efficient to use your autoresponder. You can also use the tracking functionality to view how many subscribers clicked on your link. This information will help you improve the click through rate for future press releases.

Send Personal Messages to Media

Do not use your autoresponder when sending your press release to the media. Instead, craft a personal message to each representative. Summarize your press release and remember that they’re looking for an angle that their audience will appreciate. Make sure your contact information is in the email so they don’t have to dig for it.

Either Is Fine For Employees and Contractors

When you’re emailing contractors and employees, you can use your autoresponder or personal email. Autoresponders often have the functionality of being readily shared online. However, you can also include a link to your blog where you undoubtedly have social media links that support sharing and liking.

Change Your Call To Action For Each Option

Each audience should have a different call to action. For example, you might benefit from asking your list to click through to a sales page. Direct members of the media to click to your media page or to contact you, and ask employees and contractors to share on social media.

Emailing your press release is one important step in a press release marketing strategy. As always, test and track your results so you can improve your efforts with each new release. A well planned and thought out press release distribution strategy is worth the effort.

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