Get Free Publicity with a Free Press Release Submission

Marketing and promoting a business can be expensive. It takes time, energy, and money to build your audience, drive traffic, and turn readers into subscribers and subscribers into customers. While many paid efforts can help you achieve success, it’s often the free or low cost tactics that generate the best results. One of the commonly overlooked tactics to create publicity for a business is using free press release submission sites.

The Benefits of a Free Press Release
Let’s just get it out of the way up front and say that one of the benefits of a free press release submission site is that it’s free. Who doesn’t like to be able to build their business for no cost? However, free doesn’t really matter if the tactic doesn’t work. The good news is that free press releases, when written well, can and do achieve tremendous business building results.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization
Search engines index free press release submission sites and generally consider these resources to be sources of credible and quality content. This means that by your consistently publishing press releases that provide relevant information and value, you can organically increase your search engine results.

Increased Awareness and Traffic
With increased search engine page ranking often comes increased awareness and website traffic. Additionally, if your press release is syndicated and published on other sites, you’ll also naturally broaden your reach, improve SEO with the inbound links, and increase traffic to your site. Keep in mind that it’s essential to include a link to your site and a call to action if you want to experience a boost in traffic. In fact, a single press release has the potential to reach thousands of prospects depending on the topic, the syndication and the interest of those who read your release.

Media Attention
Relevant and well written press releases have the potential to attract the attention of the media. It’s not uncommon for a press release to grab local media’s attention and then expand to a state wide or even national level. Imagine being featured in your local newspaper, your local television news, and then making it to national media. Your business would grow more quickly than you can imagine and it can all be accomplished with one free press release.

Including Free Press Release Submission into Your Marketing Mix
Take a look at your marketing strategy and existing marketing plan. What product launches and newsworthy events can you create releases for? Identify these opportunities and add press releases to your plan. It’s a free and powerful way to grow your business.

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