7 Opportunities to Write a Press Release

You might wonder when it’s appropriate to write a press release. They’re great for broadening your audience, building interest, and even for conversions. However, a press release has to be newsworthy. That means it has to be significant, timely, and relevant. The following opportunities provide you with a reason to write a press release.

1. New product – Have you just created or released a new product? Do you have a new product in development? Press releases can be a great way to get people excited and talking about a product launch.

2. New service – As a service provider you can boost interest in your business by adding or modifying a service and issuing a press release.

3. New business model – This is an opportunity to be careful with. For example, if you decide you’re going to add affiliate income to your business model that’s not really something that others would consider newsworthy. However, if you add a membership program then it makes sense to write a press release.

4. Event – Are you hosting an event? If you are, write a press release to announce the event and draw attention to the event and to you.

5. New Research – Have you made a discovery or learned something important about your industry? Is this research or new information useful to your audience and the media? If so, share it with a press release.

6. New book – Publishing a book is a good way to build credibility and authority and to earn a position of respect in your industry. It’s also a nice way to generate leads and make money. Use a press release to announce the release of your book. Let people know where they can buy it and how it solves a problem.

7. Online course, webinar, or virtual event – Like publishing, educating your audience is a great way to build your business. Whether you decide to hold a seminar or conference in your community or you hold an online educational event, you can use a press release to generate interest in the event and to build awareness for your business.

Spend time taking a look at your plans for the upcoming year. Identify key opportunities to issue a press release. This list of seven is just the beginning. Anything that you can spin as newsworthy – and valuable for your audience and the media to know – is an opportunity to write and distribute a press release.

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