5 Reasons Why Influencer Marketing is Killing Online Ads

Influencer marketing is in, and online ads are on the way out! No, seriously. More businesses are investing money into influencer marketing versus traditional online advertising. This can result from many thing: trends, credibility, and engagement.

Why is this happening? What’s going on?

Let’s take a look at why influencer marketing is killing online ads:

1. Better ROI

We’ll give it to you straight: Influencer marketing performs better than online advertisements. That’s a fact.

Influencers have loyal audiences and they’ve worked hard to earn their trust. When they say, “Hey, I love this product!” their audience trusts and believes them. They click on the link, they follow the brand, and they convert. Meanwhile, when a prospect sees an ad on social media, they may or may not click on it.

2. Trust, Credibility, and Likability

We buy from people and brands that we trust, we believe to be credible, and that we like.

Influencers, by definition, have achieved that status with their audience. They are liked, trusted, and believed to be credible. When they review a product, either positively or negatively, their audience believes them and takes action.

3. More Authentic Engagement

A social advertisement is a limited entity. There is little, if any, engagement. It is merely a post in time and people will either click on the link or not. With an influencer post, there is the opportunity to have conversations with followers. People can tag their friends, share the post, and make comments. All of this conversation is authentic and can not only help you learn more about your audience, but it can also help you create a community around your brand.

4. Consumers are Too Savvy

Consumers just aren’t interested in advertising anymore. Ad clicks and conversions on social media is declining. There’s just too much competition for their time and attention online. However, influencer marketing is easy. It’s in their feed and they are naturally going to look at the post as they scroll through. And while they may not click on a link in a Facebook ad, or even give it a second glance, they will click on links in posts that capture their attention.

5. Word of Mouth Benefits

Influencer marketing shares many of the same benefits as word-of-mouth marketing. It boosts brand identity and recognition through stories about people, instead of just the brand.

Don’t forget: Social and online advertising does not books SEO, but influencer marketing does.

How? Most influencers have their own highly rated websites.

Links to your site from theirs increases your search ranking. Bottom line, if you are still struggling with online advertising, it may be time to take a look at your influencer marketing options. Shift your budget and leverage the power of influencers.

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Anthony Santiago is Director of Marketing at Newswire. With over a decade of experience in PR, he helps ensure that clients understand the value of brand messaging and reach.

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