6 Ways to Use a Press Release to Launch and Sell Your Book

Okay, let’s be upfront here and say that writing a book is often the easy part. The difficult part has yet to come. Once you’ve sent it to the publishers or uploaded it to your distributor, the hard part begins. What’s the hard part? Selling books. One tool you can use to both announce your book and to make more sales is a press release.

1. Issue A Launch Release – When you release a new book, write a press release. Keep in mind that you want to focus your release on the benefit to your audience. What about your book would they be interested in? Don’t forget to let readers know where they can buy the book, who published it, and include any good reviews you’ve received.

2. Issue a Book Signing Release – Host a book signing at a local book store or event and issue a release to announce it. Include the date, time, and location, as well as any highlights of the event. For example, are you giving away anything? How many books are you signing?

3. Host a Contest and Use a Release to Announce It – Many book authors use contests and sweepstakes to launch their book. They have the effect of drawing attention to the book and building excitement. Use a press release to announce the contest. Tell people where they can enter the contest, what the prizes are, and how to get involved. For example, they may be able to gain additional entries by liking your author’s page on Facebook and by sharing a link to your contest.

4. Achieve a Notable Milestone, Issue a Release – Did you just make the Amazon 100 Bestsellers list? Issue a press release with the announcement. Remember to focus on the benefit to your audience. They don’t really care that your book is selling well. What do they care about? Identify that and use it in your release.

5. Create an Author’s Website, Issue a Release – An author’s website is a useful book selling and community building tool. When you launch your website, issue a press release to let people in on the good news.

6. Attending an Event or Hosting an Event? Issue Release – Many authors attend writing conferences and workshops. It’s a way to connect with other writers, agents, and editors and to promote your books. If you’re attending or hosting an event, use a press release to announce the event. Let people know where you’re going, why you’re going, and why they should care.

A press release can be an important part of your book marketing campaign. Start planning now. Identify events and situations where a press release can help. Start making contacts in the media and look for a press release distribution service that meets your needs. Keep in mind, social media press releases are on the rise and they’re a great way to capture the attention of your audience.

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