How to Create a Story with Your Infographic

Visual elements have been shown to improve press release results. Among the strongest visual elements are both video and infographics. This is because these two formats tend to be powerful tools that can provide value and dense information. Infographics aren’t as difficult to create if you follow a few fundamentals and guidelines.

#1 One Simple Idea

Infographics fail when they become too complicated. Don’t try to tackle too much information. Identify one element to focus on and create your infographic based on that concept. Keep in mind that the purpose of an infographic is to help the viewer visualize data. Choose the data that you want to expand on or explain.

#2 What Story Does Your Data Tell?

Take a look at your data and explore how that data can tell a story. For example, a business that’s announcing a webinar on leveraging mobile marketing might create an infographic that shows the growth of mobile usage over the past ten years. Keep in mind that the data you’re using must be relevant to the news you’re sharing. It should expand on the information in your release and support it.


The design including the format, layout, and colors need to be easy on the eyes and visually appealing. Many people make their infographics too complicated. If you have to err, do so on the side of being conservative. Don’t make your data fight for attention with your design.

#4 Make your Infographics Embeddable

Make sure that your infographic has the ability to be posted, shared, and embedded on other sites. And social sharing buttons should be visible and easy to use. Include code that users can copy and paste to embed the infographic on their own websites or blogs. It should also link back to your site so you get the credibility, recognition, and traffic you deserve.

#5 Brand It!

Make sure that your unique brand voice and style are apparent on your infographic. Make sure that your logo, URL, and perhaps even your tagline are all part of the header and/or footer in your infographic.

Finally, share that infographic on your blog, on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and other social networking sites. Make it public and leverage it for more traffic and attention. Infographics can be an important part of your press release marketing strategy. Make sure that when you use an infographic in your release it looks professional, supports the information in your release, and strengthens and supports your company brand. There are many different visual elements that you can add to a multi-media press release. Try infographics and test the results. Leverage the strength of this unique visual tool.

Anthony Santiago is Director of Marketing at Newswire. With over a decade of experience in PR, he helps ensure that clients understand the value of brand messaging and reach.

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