Want Inbound Links? Write a Press Release

Just a few short years ago, press releases were an integral part of search engine optimization. They were powerfully effective for being indexed and helping organizations achieve a higher page ranking. Because they were so useful, many companies abused the content. They packed press releases with keywords. It was common for a press release to be light on information and value, and weighed down with keywords and links.

A short time ago Google decided that press releases were unnatural. It mandated a ‘no follow’ rule for links contained within a release and they were tossed to the bottom of the pile of potentially indexed content. So boosting SEO with a press release shouldn’t be your primary goal.

What is a Press Release Good For?

Press releases, and social media press releases as well, are great for driving traffic to your website and to specific URLs. The traffic can come from:

Your Call to Action – Your call to action is a statement or request that’s positioned in your press release. It’s often at the end of a release or, if you’re using a social media press release, it can be positioned higher on the page.

Your Media Links – Social media press releases have the additional functionality of having multimedia links as part of their content. You might include videos, infographics, photos, images and more. Each graphic or video can be embedded on your website or blog. Linking to them from your press release can help drive traffic to your site.

Keep in mind that anyone who reprints your press release from a distribution site will not generate inbound links. However you can publish your release on social media and personally ask other people to share and reprint your release.

The Real Power of a Press Release

Beyond potential inbound links from your call to action and multimedia files, your press release is capable of increasing awareness for your company. You’ll improve your user experience, provide value to your audience, and increase the authority and credibility of your brand.

Press releases can also achieve specific marketing goals. For example, you can drive traffic to a specific opt-in page to build your email list. A press release about your new opt-in offer can be the key to making this strategy a success.

Don’t dismiss the power of press release distribution as well. Regardless of the no follow rule, syndication and reprinting of your press release on a multitude of sites, newswires, and feeds can be hugely effective.

Determine what you want your press release to achieve and your goals for your press release marketing strategy. Use a distribution service to get the most exposure for your release and don’t forget to publish it on social media as well. You can still get a boost in your search engine ranking with a press release and enjoy more traffic and sales.

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