Top Secrets For Getting Your Press Release Noticed

Getting your press release noticed by those in the news industry should be a priority when it comes to creating your marketing plan. Every effort and investment you make with your small business needs to produce results.

People daily flood the news industry with piles of press releases. The secrets to getting noticed over the crowd are simple to follow. They will even help you with producing your press releases.

Six Secrets for Getting Your Press Release Noticed

– Create a story that is local or community driven. News outlets are looking for stories that relate to their readers and viewers. Your local element could be an event or activity that you are sponsoring or involved with in the community. It could also be a person within the business that relates to the community.

– Develop a story that is engaging. Use words that paint images. Craft a powerful headline. Your press release should make the reader want to pick it up and then hold them until the end. If you create an engaging press release, the news professionals will be more apt to put it to work in their publications.

– Be professional in your presentation. Review the press release for grammar and spelling issues. Read the press release out loud to search for any format errors. Get a second person to also review the press release for errors or issues. Avoid causal slang or other clich├ęs. Craft sentences that are strong and structured in form and flow.

– Customize your press release. News professionals that are searching through the mountains of press releases that come through each day want to know that you understand the unique audience of their publication. Research individual publications and then craft press releases slanted to those needs. It may take a little more time and effort, but getting noticed above the crowd will often be the end result.

– Follow the traditional press release format. There is a format for a reason. Following the format gives the news professionals the information they need to build their stories. It makes it easier for them to look through the mound of press releases and find the one they need. A press release out of format may be overlooked for that very reason.

– Be timely in your telling. The news cycle spins without end and timely news moves to the top. To help your news release get noticed, include topics or elements that are timely to the news cycle.

Press releases can be a valuable tool for your small business marketing plan when crafted in a professional and engaging manner. Media professionals and news outlets are looking for the next great story all the time, but the stacks of press releases fill their inboxes. You have to find ways to get their attention through the noise of press releases. Invest some time into crafting a press release based on the six secrets for getting your press release noticed to help your story rise as the cream of the crop.

Anthony Santiago is Director of Marketing at Newswire. With over a decade of experience in PR, he helps ensure that clients understand the value of brand messaging and reach.

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