How Free Press Release Distribution Helps You Get Noticed

You have a big event coming up. Maybe you’re releasing a new product or service. Maybe you’re hosting a webinar. How do you market it? How do you make sure that your launch or event gets the publicity and attention it deserves? More importantly, how do you make sure that your prospects and audience discover the value you have to offer? There are many tactics in your marketing arsenal that you may likely consider. One such tactic that often gets overlooked is the power of free press release distribution.

What is A Press Release and How Does it Get Me Noticed?
A press release is, in very simple terms, “an official statement issued to newspapers giving information on a particular matter.” It’s a structured announcement that tells media professionals the who, what, where, when and why about something newsworthy. Many things can be newsworthy. If you or your company win an award, that’s newsworthy. If you release a new product or service, that’s newsworthy. If you’re hosting an event that’s newsworthy too.

Back to the structure. Free press releases are written in a journalistic style and format. They require a compelling and truthful headline. They usually have an attention grabbing and informative first paragraph followed by content that supports with facts and quotes.

Press releases that get noticed are:

  • Well written
  • Relevant
  • Timely
  • Newsworthy
  • Interesting
  • Well distributed

Technology has made many things possible and one of those wonderful benefits is the ability to both send and receive news quickly. Using free press release distribution sites, you can reach thousands of journalists around the world. There’s the very real possibility that a journalist can pick up on your release and take action.

However, even if your release isn’t picked up by the media, it can still provide the ability to get your business noticed.

The Many Ways Free Press Release Distribution Sites Help Get Traffic and Attention for Your Business

News sites pick up press releases. Your news release can show up on the top of the search results for sites like Google and Yahoo News.

Syndication can create inbound links to your website. These links drive traffic as people click through from your release. They also drive traffic as they help increase your search engine rankings.

Authority and credibility are increased. We buy from and pay attention to businesses that we believe are credible sources of information and value. Professionally written and distributed press releases can help improve your image online.

You already know that some of the best marketing tactics are free. Blogging, for example, is a low cost/no cost content marketing tactic. Free press release distribution is another. If you want to get your company in the forefront of your prospect’s thoughts and actions, add press releases to your marketing and publicity plan.

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