How to Use a Press Release to Turn Bad News into Good News

There is a chance, just a chance, that your organization may face bad news from time to time. For example, you might lose a favorite employee to your competition. You might have to recall or cancel a product or service. You might even suffer a loss one quarter. And the news usually reaches your audience’s ears quickly and well before you feel ready to share.

Yet, in many instances bad news is an opportunity. You can leverage the power of a press release to turn bad news into good news. Let’s take a look at a few tips and tactics to successfully accomplish this goal.

#1 Be Honest

It’s never a good idea to try to hide or cover up bad news. Chances are good that people already know, and if they don’t know, they’ll soon find out. If you have bad news, make sure that you’re up front about it. You don’t have to go into all of the details, and probably shouldn’t, but don’t hide it. It makes people suspicious – and we don’t buy from companies we don’t trust.

#2 Look For, and Identify, the Silver Lining

Here’s the crux of turning bad news into good news… look for the silver lining. For example, if you’re discontinuing a product, then that’s bad news for many people who might adore that product. However, the silver lining might be that you have to get rid of your inventory and you’re having a sale. Most people will focus on the benefit and value to them, and that is the sale. If you’re losing a beloved employee to the competition, the good news may be who you replace them with and the systems you implement to make your company stronger. There’s almost always an upside. Make sure that your press release focuses on that positive information.

#3 Look to the Future

Be a forward-thinking company and communicate that vision with your audience. Sure, times might not be great right now, but they’re going to get better. Tell your audience about the changes that you’re making to ensure that whatever bad news you’re dealing with doesn’t happen again. Talk about how you’re becoming a better company because of the mistake or misfortune.

Press releases are about news. They have to be newsworthy in order to gain any leverage with the media. Use this tool to shift the perception about your company and turn bad news into good. Issue a press release that addresses the bad news. Follow it up with a press release that discusses the changes you’re making. And always look for an opportunity to provide value to your audience. Even in the face of adversity, offering value and benefit to your audience will help them stay positive and confident in your company.

Anthony Santiago is Director of Marketing at Newswire. With over a decade of experience in PR, he helps ensure that clients understand the value of brand messaging and reach.

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