Top 3 Tips for Managing Your Own PR

Business owners have a large number of responsibilities on their “to do” lists. You not only have to be the innovator and the leader, quite often you also need to manage your business. Even if you have a successful team of service providers and contractors behind you, there are some tasks that you may choose to manage yourself.

One of those tasks it your public relations. If you’re managing and overseeing your marketing plan, then PR naturally fits into that plan. Managing your PR can be a full time job. However, with a few top tips you can reduce time and increase the effectiveness of your PR, even when you’re managing it yourself.

#1 Start Cultivating Your List

Begin paying attention to the journalists that write for your industry. Chances are you subscribe to a few industry periodicals. Who are the journalists that write for those publications? What local reporters cover news that might be related to your niche? Begin not only paying attention to the journalists, but also to the publications. Make a list of contact information for journalists and media representatives along with publications that may be interested in receiving press releases from you.

#2 Find a Press Release Distribution Service

Identify a press release distribution service that offers the features and benefits you’re looking for. Look for a service that provides analytic information and reporting along with social media functionality. Also make sure that the distribution service reaches the major media outlets and newswires that you want to connect with.

#3 Identify Opportunities

Take a look at the coming year and begin to identify opportunities to reach out to the media. What events, launches, and information can you write press releases for? Create a calendar or a plan for the upcoming year. You can actually use this information to hire a press release writer. The writer can deliver the releases throughout the year according to your calendar. All you need to do is then send the press release to your chosen journalists and media reps, as well as to your distribution service.

Keep in mind that just because you can manage your own PR doesn’t mean you have to. You can outsource it to a professional or an agency. Or you can manage it yourself and leverage technology and your resources to take care of many of the mundane tasks. Just because you know a release needs to be written and you need it distributed to the appropriate people doesn’t mean that you have to do all the work yourself. Manage and lead your business with an effective PR campaign.

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