How to Know If a Press Release Distribution Service Is Right for Your Goals

Press releases can be part of an effective and comprehensive marketing strategy. To make the most of your press releases you want to distribute them to a wide audience. This is where a press release distribution service can come in handy. There are a few distribution services to consider and compare. It’s important to make sure that the service you choose is one that supports your press release marketing goals. Let’s take a look at how to compare.

Who Do They Send To? Do They Send To Media Outlets That Fit Your Needs?

Who do you want your press release to reach? Compare press release distribution services based on your goals for reach, and also for specific media outlets. For example, if you want to make sure that your press release reaches a financial audience then you might want to make sure that the major financial news organizations are on the list of recipients.

Likewise, if you want to make sure that you can share your release on social media so you can reach your audience there, then you want to look for a distribution service that offers connections to your specific social media channels.

What Analytics Do They Provide?

Do they track and measure information that you need? Based on your goals and the measurements and information that you need, look for a distribution service that provides you with the analytics you need. Reporting functions are nice, but only if they’re providing you with data that is useful and relevant to your goal.

Do They Fit Your Budget?

Chances are you have financial goals and they’re part of your return on investment calculation. While the price is definitely a consideration for comparing services, it may be the lowest priority. You may be able to get a much higher return on investment with a distribution service that provides everything you need, even if it’s a little more expensive than a competitor with fewer features.

Do They Have A Good Reputation?

Reputation is another important consideration. You want to make sure that your press releases are distributed when you need them to be. It’s not good if the distribution service sits on your release for a week. You’ll miss the moment and your information may no longer be newsworthy. Compare based on reviews and testimonials about their customer service and reliability.

Do They Make Your Life Easier?

Finally, is the user interface easy and intuitive? Reaching your press release marketing goals shouldn’t require you to spend hours on a distribution site. Review the interface and check out demonstrations and trial memberships. Make sure you’re choosing a service that suits you and your needs.

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