Tips to Use Google Analytics to Measure Press Release Success

Any press release distribution service you choose must provide reporting and analytics. It’s imperative that you know how many people viewed, shared, and reprinted your press release. This information helps you create stronger press releases and measure effectiveness. However, a press release distribution service’s reporting functions aren’t the only source of information. Google Analytics is another option. You can add Google Analytics to your blog or website. But that’s just the beginning.

Integrate and Profit

Some press release distribution services integrate Google Analytics into their reporting functionality. This integration function can help you get more accurate and detailed information about your press release, your audience, and your reach. The process is simple at You can add your own Google Analytics code to your member panel and gather more comprehensive data for your team. We make it simple and easy. The tracking is directly applied directly to your content pages. The information is available in real time and it’s precise and accurate.

Unique URL

One of the more useful ways to track detailed and specific information is to make sure that your press release sends viewers to a unique URL. For example, if you have a press release to announce the release of a new service, then instead of sending readers to the same sales page that your other marketing initiatives link to, send those readers to a unique page. It can, and probably should, have exactly the same information as your other sales page. However, by sending readers to a unique page you can track your click-throughs and conversions that directly result from your release.

Geographic data

You can also use analytics to track the location of your readers. The geographic information that Google provides helps you view where your readers are and where your news and story are most powerfully received. It’s important to make sure that your press release distribution service supports this data gathering by tracking and locating the views of your press release and newsroom and that they have a wide global reach.

Finally, Google also provides tracking information. This means that you can see what actions your visitors take once they arrive at your site. It’s quite possible that the people who click through to your website from a press release may behave differently than visitors from social media, email, or organic search. Understanding how your audience behaves can help you craft stronger press releases and implement tactics to direct their actions once they arrive on your website.

Analytics are an important part of a comprehensive press release marketing strategy. Google Analytics is free and it integrates nicely with other technologies. You can use it to enhance the data you gather from your press release efforts.

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