The Millennial Way: Exposing Your Press Release On Social Media

With newspapers and various news outlets going out of business, social media is now one of the top ways that the public gets their “news fix” on a daily basis. With this information in mind, press releases are now coming back into popularity because they can be standalone news items on their own, if they’re informative and carefully written.


Once you have crafted an informational and/or entertaining press release centered around a newsworthy item for your business or brand, you can utilize your social media channels to expose your press release content to a larger audience.

How can you best use your social media to achieve this goal?

  • Use your blog and put a teaser for your press release or expand on your press release’s content to create even more content. Resist the urge to copy-and-paste your full press release onto your blog. You can always have it up on your “news page” on your site and link over to it (Google and other search engines LOVE cross-links after all!), but resist including the press release text itself, in its entirety, on your company blog.

  • Create video content to complement your press release. This will be captivating for your audience on social media, especially millennials who have been proven to prefer video content over the written word.

  • Upgrade your regular posts about your press release into paid posts. Make sure to set your target audience demographics carefully so you can get the best exposure and not just the most!

  • In addition to posting about your press release on your page and your company’s page, look for groups and other pages on your social media platforms where you can share your business’s news item. Industry groups or professional networking groups will often have a sharing “day” each week or allow members to post informational pieces. Just be sure to follow each group’s rules!

  • Be sure to include the call-to-action in at least some of your posts that your readers share the content with their audiences also. This will help you gain followers and expand your audience greatly!

Social media can be a wonderful tool in a small business’s arsenal to help even the playing field between smaller and larger businesses. The major investment to use social media is your own time, but it can be well worth it, if you stick with your efforts.

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Anthony Santiago is Director of Marketing at Newswire. With over a decade of experience in PR, he helps ensure that clients understand the value brand messaging and reach.

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