Should You Use a Press Release Template?

Let’s face it, templates are handy. They can help make seemingly overwhelming tasks feel more manageable. They guide you through the process from start to finish. All you have to do is fill in the blanks. Another cold hard truth is that writing a good press release can be challenging. There is a fairly rigid structure to adhere to and some essential requirements. When you combine these two, why wouldn’t you use a press release template?

The Pros and the Cons
There are pros and cons to using a press release template. The downside is that not all templates are good templates, and a bad one can harm your chances at gaining media exposure. It also may limit you from writing the press release you could write, or have written, on your own. Your press release may lack originality and feel like a cookie cutter release if you’re not careful. The goal is to grab attention in a positive way. A template release may not help you achieve that goal.

The benefit is that if you’re new to writing press releases, a template can help you feel more comfortable with the process. And if you find a good press release template, then you’ll save time writing your press releases.

The Best of Both Worlds
One option is to use a template for guidance and to make changes to the template where you feel it’s necessary. This can take some extra time, however. Yet, you may feel more comfortable with the process and the results. Another option is to write a press release, or hire a writer to create one for you. Then use that press release as a template for future press releases. This is a particularly effective method if your initial press release is successful.

A good press release distribution service can help. You can use the service dashboard to manage your press releases. Quality distribution services also provide analytics. You can track and measure the success, engagement, and linking from your release. This information will help you create your own ideal template from which you can create one newsworthy and high performing press release after another.

So should you use a press release template?

It depends on how you use it. If you use it as a guideline, then it can be a useful and functional tool. If you use it as a hard and fast tool that restricts you, then it can hinder your press release quality. Best choice; write a press release, track and measure the results. Use your best performing press release as a template for future releases.

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