Influencing Customers Begins with Press Release Distribution

Marketing is about the art of persuasion. Each piece of content you publish has a goal. Sometimes you want to motivate a sale, other times you want to build your list, or inspire a comment or a share. There are just as many goals as there are types of content. Often, when businesses begin writing press releases the ultimate goal is to grab media attention. However, there are other just as powerful goals to consider, including persuasion and influence. A press release can be a great tool for influencing your customers, let’s take a look at how.

There are a handful of clearly identifiable behavior triggers. We’re talking about emotions that influence decisions. They include everything from liking (we buy from people or companies we like) to trust (we buy from people or companies we trust). Press releases are exceptional tools for a few key triggers.

A well written press release with newsworthy content helps establish you as an authority in your industry. Using solid information and supporting facts, you position yourself as someone who knows what they’re talking about.

Credibility is also enhanced through press releases. This is particularly true when your release is syndicated and republished on many respected sites. If the media picks up your release then your credibility will skyrocket. And we buy from people and companies we deem to be credible authorities in their industry.

Social Proof
One of the benefits of press release distribution services is the ability to tap into social media releases. This functionality, combined with syndication and sharing, helps give your press release and business the social proof it needs to influence buying decisions. Social proof is one of the largest determinants of sales and one of the reasons so many businesses have embraced social media.
Social proof tells other that it’s okay to buy from you. People think, “If others trust them, then I can too.” Imagine the influence you can have when you combine press release authority and credibility with social media shares and links.

It All Comes Down to Sales
Consider the press release distribution process as part of the conversion process that brings potential customers down the sales funnel. You’re able to influence you readers and prospects to become customers. The key to reaching your potential customers is to make sure that your press release distribution service distributes to an array of media. The larger your reach, the more potential you have to become a major influencer in your industry.

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