Press Release Optimization - Wednesday, August 27th, 2014 by

Tips To Extend the Life of Your Press Release

Press releases tend to have a short shelf life. They disappear almost as soon as they’re published. However, with a strategy and a careful plan, you can extend the life of your release and get more...

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The First Paragraph of Your Press Release – How to Reel Them In and Make Them Care

The first paragraph of your press release may be the most important four sentences of the entire release. It, combined with your headline, is called the lede (which is also often spelled “lead”)....

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The Do’s and Don’ts for Writing a Social Media Press Release

Press releases have changed over the years. Today’s press release provides an abundance of opportunity to reach out, connect, share, and grow your business. Social media releases are more often...

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The Best and Worst Times to Publish Your Press Release

This question is one of the most common questions that people ask. The truth is that while there are some general rules of thumb, testing and tracking your press release results will help you answer...

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Press Release Writing Tips - Friday, August 22nd, 2014 by

I’ve Written a Press Release, Now What? Follow Up Tips and Advice

Writing a press release is only half of the job. There are still several steps that need to be taken care of. How you manage the following steps can help ensure the success of your press release...

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How to Write Good Press Release Quotes

There are no unimportant parts of a press release. Every word, every phrase and every paragraph plays a critical role in the success of your release. Each sentence either helps your release get...

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Press Release Writing Tips - Wednesday, August 20th, 2014 by

How to Write an Inspiring Call to Action for Your Press Release

Not including a call to action in your press release is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. The purpose of issuing a press release is to grab attention and to motivate readers, including...

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Press Release Writing Tips - Tuesday, August 19th, 2014 by

How to Write a Tweet for Your Press Release

You’ve written your press release and are ready to distribute it using press release distribution service. Chances are your press release also contains some social media functionalities that make...

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Press Release Optimization - Monday, August 18th, 2014 by

How to Make Your News More Social (And More Sharable)

Social media is an effective tool for promoting press releases and marketing your business. However, some press releases are more effective on social media than others. The following tips will help...

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Press Release Optimization - Friday, August 15th, 2014 by

How To Issue Your Press Release Using Vine And Instagram

There are dozens of social media sites that you can use to promote your press release. When most people think about social media releases and using social media to promote a press release, they think...

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