Press Release Tips for Artists and Creatives

If you ask most artists and creatives what the most difficult part about their job is, they often say that it’s marketing their creations. Most artists are not natural business owners or sales people. They prefer to focus on what they excel at and what they’re passionate about, which is their art and what they create. However, an artist cannot make a great living unless they have clients and customers. And that takes marketing. One simple tool that artists can use to market their business is the press release. To get the most from your press release, consider the following tips.

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1. Showings, Publications, and Events

Any time your work is being shown, sold, or made available to the public, that’s an opportunity to create a press release. For example, if your artwork is being displayed in a local restaurant then write and submit a press release about that showing. If you’re reading a chapter from your latest book at the local book store, issue a press release announcing the event. Any opportunity for the public to experience, view, or participate with your artwork or creation is an opportunity to write a press release.

2. Include an Image

If you are an artist, be sure to include photos and images of your work in your press release. Studies have shown that press releases that have images in them are shared more often and generate better results. And you have the perfect opportunity to combine that effect with the fact that you have unique images to share.

3. Stick to the Format

It’s easy to want to share much more in a press release than is actually necessary. However, it’s important to remember that a press release has a very specific function and that is to share news. You want to stick to the facts, and only the facts, and you want to follow the format and structure of a formal press release. If you’re unsure what that format is, visit and read a few press releases. You can also download a template.

4. Awards and Acknowledgements

Won an award? Received a grant or been acknowledged in a major publication? That’s the perfect opportunity to issue a release and share the good news. Capitalize on any good press that comes your way and use it to create momentum for your business.

5. Quotes and Social Proof

Quotes are a tool that you can use in a press release to add personality to your content. Because a press release is written in the third person, you can quote yourself. You can also quote critics, customers, and fans in your release. Make sure you get permission. These quotes help add social proof to your material and can build your creative brand.

Press releases aren’t just for non-profits and corporations. You can use this simple yet effective tool to grow your audience. Always make sure to include a link to your website and contact information so that readers can find you and become customers and fans.

Anthony Santiago is Director of Marketing at Newswire. With over a decade of experience in PR, he helps ensure that clients understand the value of brand messaging and reach.

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