How to Write a Press Release for a New Business

When launching a new business, a press release will be an essential part of that launch. It should contain certain important pieces of information to help spread the word that the company is now ready to take on customers or clients.


What is a press release?

A press release is a document produced for the media by an organization or business in order to communicate new, official information which the media can then report on. Even small businesses use press releases as part of their promotional plans, in the hopes of getting media pickups from journalists who believe their own target audience would be interested to learn more.

An effective press release needs the following:

1-A strong headline

It should grab the attention of your reader and briefly summarize what type of business is being launched. It should make readers curious and have at least one keyword in it related to your niche or industry.

2-Dateline & City

This should be the headquarters of the new business, and the day you have created the press release.

3-For Immediate Release

In most cases, a business owner will want their press release to go out right away, so it should say “For Immediate Release”. However, if you are writing the release as part of the run-up to a big launch date, then say “Embargoed until X date.”


The summary, also called the subheadline, works in two ways. It supports the headline, giving more information. It also summarizes the story they are about to read, so busy media representatives can decide if they want to read more. It should also be rich in keywords and sound exciting.

5-The first paragraph

Journalists use the 5Ws when writing news stories

  • Who
  • What
  • Where
  • When
  • Why

This is a useful checklist for you, too, as you write your press release, to ensure you don’t leave out anything important.

In the case of a new business, fill in the details as needed, such as:

Who: John and Anna Smith

What: are launching a new bakery that will sell A, B and C

When: April 1, 2018

Where: on the corner of X Street and Y Avenue, City, State

Why: They saw the need for a high-quality establishment catering to the needs of local resident that is eco-friendly.

6-Images and video

Use at least one image of the business, such as the premises, logo and so on. You can also include an introductory video to show off the business if it has a physical location. Adding media will help your press release stand out amid a sea of other releases.

7-Quotations from experts

Adding quotes about your business can also inspire people to support it. The head of the company should discuss things like what inspired them, what their mission is, and how their new business is different from existing ones.

These differences might include being eco-friendly and banning all plastics from your wrapping, part of the profits from every purchase going towards a local pet shelter, and so on.

8-Quotes from customers

If you’ve just opened and already have some happy customers willing to give you a review or testimonial, use short quotes from them.

9-Contact information

Include the best URL, email address and phone number for people to contact to learn more. Give the physical location if it is a bricks and mortar business.

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