5 Things to Look for in an Influencer Database

Influencer marketing is growing in popularity. It makes sense from a business perspective. Why wouldn’t you utilize someone who has a loyal and engaged following? Especially since they are highly trusted in your niche. It’s targeted advertising by using someone’s social media platform to get your message out there. This allows their users to know that if the influencer trusts you, they can trust you too.

Of course, the key to making influencer marketing work for you is to find amazing influencers to work with. This is one area where an influencer database can help you.

What is an Influencer Database?

An influencer database is a tool you can use to find ideal influencers and narrow down which influencers you’d like to work with.

Many influencer databases offer features that help manage your working relationships, communications, and content. There are many different databases to choose from. Let’s look at how to find the right influencer database for your brand needs.

1. Social Media Platform Options

First, most influencer databases offer options for filtering influencers by social media platform. When searching for an influencer platform, make sure the database you choose offers certain features you are looking to market on.

Start out by asking yourself: Where is my social media presence strongest on? –Whether it is Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Try and focus your attention on finding an influencer who primarily is on YOUR strongest platform and go from there. Once you build up relationships on one platform, it will trickle down to others.

2. Your Industry

Additionally, some platforms focus on specific industries. For example, they may do only lifestyle and fashion influencers. You want to make sure that your chosen database lists influencers from your specific niche.

This helps you target the right audience. Once the people you are looking to reach know you exist, you can expect more people to begin searching your name in your industry.

3. Key Information

In addition to including contact information, make sure to have other key pieces of information.

Some things to consider: following size, location, voice, audience information, and demographics. –Having these items readily accessible will help you better understand the audience and whether or not it is worth reaching out to the influencer.

4. Features

Some influencer databases are simply lists of influencers that you can sort through, which is great. It provides you with the starting point that you’re looking for. However, other databases offer additional features like collaboration tools. Consider what you need when you’re searching for a database.

5. Price

How much does it cost? And what do you get for that price? Many influencer databases offer different levels of pricing depending on the package features. Determine your needs and your budget before you get started. Influencer databases can be an invaluable tool. They can help you connect with the right influencer to fit your branding and influencer marketing needs. Choose the right tool for your current needs and save yourself time and money.

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Anthony Santiago is Director of Marketing at Newswire. With over a decade of experience in PR, he helps ensure that clients understand the value of brand messaging and reach.

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