How to Use Press Releases to Improve Your Social Media Profiles

What are your goals for your press release marketing efforts? Press releases can help you achieve a number of goals, including driving traffic, building awareness, and increasing sales. One often forgotten use is to use a press release to improve your social media profile and marketing efforts.

Create a “Media” Tab on Your Facebook Page

Even if your press release marketing has nothing to do with your social media goals, it’s a great idea to add a “Media Kit” or an “About the Company” tab to your Facebook page. Under this tab, add links to your press releases. Many journalists and media representatives use Facebook and other social media sites to research what’s going on in their communities.

By adding your press releases to your social media page, you increase your credibility and authority, as well as your opportunity for media coverage. You also improve your searchabilty and SEO ranking as your keywords are noted by the search engines.

Create Tweetable Snippets

Add data bytes and small concise pieces of information that your readers can tweet. This gives your readers something specific to share. Additionally, consider tweeting a few snippets from your press release as well.

Engage In Conversations

Social media is about interacting, engaging, and having conversations with your audience. Create and distribute social media press releases. But don’t stop with the send. Start conversations. Respond to comments, answer questions, and get your audience involved. Social media releases can go a long way toward increasing your brand awareness on social sites and it can increase your following.

Hold an Event

Facebook events are an opportunity to write a press release about the event. And events can help build your social media profile. However, you don’t have to hold a Facebook event to capitalize on this tactic. Consider holding an online event and promoting it via social media and your press release. The attention the event gets will help improve your social media results.

Share Images

In addition to posting your press releases on social media, you can also post elements from your release. Share video links, infographics, and charts or images from your press release. Images are shared more often on social media and they have the power to start conversations, go viral, and help you achieve your social media goals.

Monitor Results

Finally, make sure to monitor the results of your press releases on social media. Use hashtags and keywords to track success. Make sure to include a call to action with a link that sends readers to a unique URL, where you can track clicks and conversions. Setting goals and monitoring the results are the bookends to a successful social media and press release marketing strategy.

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