What Is A Press Room Or Newsroom?

Every business website should have a press room or a newsroom (also known as an online media room) within the site. It gives journalists a location to find information about the company and about the products or services. It also provides a base location for all press releases, logos, and biographies.

Keep in mind that journalists are busy and looking for quick answers to their story questions or maybe even for quick stories to fill in space. A basic business website provides for the needs of customers and not for the needs of a journalist.

Developing a press room or a newsroom with an online media room service will fill in that gap. Working with a design professional, your business can create an online presence to help increase your expert status in the industry.

Basics of a Press Room or Newsroom for Your Website

– A press room provides easy access to visitors and journalists to information about the company and about the leaders in the company. These profiles should focus on achievements, awards, and accomplishments that could be beneficial to news stories or could become a feature story.

– A press room brings all of your press releases and company news into one location. It is important to include the dates on the releases. You may want to include a tag of “evergreen” content (that information that is always relevant). Make it easy for journalists and visitors to access your information so that they will be more apt to utilize that information and to return to your press room in the future.

– Your press room should include images that journalists and publications can utilize when publishing the story. Include several sizes of your logo, relevant pictures, and other images you think might be helpful.

– Journalists and visitors want to find information with ease. You will want your press room to include contact information, a place for editors and journalists to sign up for updates, and a contact form for questions or additional information.

– Today’s press room can be connected to social media outlets. This will help increase the visibility of your content by spreading it across multiple platforms. Work with your press room designers to create social media connections that are unique content leading back to your press room.

The internet has made it easier for news outlets to find stories because of the crowded information streams. At the same time, the ease of information flow has made it more of a challenge for companies to be seen and heard.

Journalists and editors are often searching the internet for experts or leaders in an industry to help fill a story. They also search for story ideas within the information streams. You can begin to help your company stand out by creating a designated page on your website geared towards the needs of editors and journalists.

A press room/newsroom/media room brings all of the news of your company and for your company into one location. Understanding what a press room/newsroom is can help you create one that will bring journalists and editors back to your site.

Anthony Santiago is Director of Marketing at Newswire. With over a decade of experience in PR, he helps ensure that clients understand the value of brand messaging and reach.

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