How to Use a Press Release to Build Your Lead List

Press releases are a powerful and effective tool. They help you get media coverage for your business, and that media exposure can change your business overnight. But a press release isn’t limited to attracting and engaging the media. A release can also help you achieve several fundamental marketing goals. One goal that you might not have considered is building your lead list.


Announcing a New Product

Whenever you have new products or services, or a new promotion, you can issue a press release. In your release, you are encouraged to link to your website. When you’re announcing a new product, it’s logical that you’d link to a sales page or a page where interested parties could learn more. Consider adding a pop-up or a pop-over invitation to sign up for your email list. Make sure your lead magnet or opt-in offer is a compelling one.

Announcing a Partnership

Partnering with another vendor or company offers your organization an abundance of opportunity. Issue a press release announcing that partnership and share with readers and the media what they will gain from the partnership. Include a link to your opt-in page and invite both the media and readers to “learn more.” If you make your opt-in offer relevant to this new partnership, the offer will be a natural step for readers to take. For example, if you partnered with another service provider to write a book, your opt-in offer might be the first chapter of that book.

Launching a New Opt-In Offer

Speaking of opt-in offers or lead magnets, why not create a new one that directly addresses a pressing problem your audience is currently facing? You can then write a press release announcing the release of this free information. Great opt-ins include webinars, eBooks, reports, case studies, white papers, and home study courses. You might also offer a free trial or a consultation depending on your business model and niche.

Sharing New Information

If you’ve recently conducted research or gathered information in your industry, package that information and share it in the form of a press release. The release can link to your study. You’ll build your list and boost credibility at the same time.

Releasing a Publishing Announcement (or Webinar)

Hold a webinar or online workshop and announce the event with a press release. You might make a portion of the event available to new email subscribers. For example, maybe you held a three-day event. You could release the transcripts of three of the key speakers as an opt-in and grow your list.

Finally, media attention can be used to drive traffic and leads. Keep in mind that any time you have media coverage you will get new traffic. Make sure you have an opt-in offer/form on every single page of your blog or website. Leverage the power of a press release to grow your business and your lead list.

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Anthony Santiago is Director of Marketing at Newswire. With over a decade of experience in PR, he helps ensure that clients understand the value of brand messaging and reach.

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