Tips for Talking To the Press About Your Company

Talking to the press about your company is both exciting and terrifying. You want to make sure that everything you say to them is both positive and interesting. And when the media reaches out and makes contact with you, you want to be compelling enough that they take the story to the next level. So what do you say and how can you make sure your conversation is a positive and productive one?

Do Your Research

Learn as much as you can about the media representative you’re going to be speaking with. Learn about the types of stories they usually cover. Read their articles and try to determine what their approach is and what their goal might be for talking to you. Reporters tend to have their own style and approach to newsworthy content. By researching a particular media representative before you speak, you can craft your answers and collect your thoughts beforehand.

Get Clear on Your Message and Your Goals

Make sure you clearly understand your organization’s mission, vision, goals and the message for this particular marketing campaign or initiative that the reporter may be talking to you about. Take notes and create short sentences or bullet points that you can use when you’re speaking to the press. Remember that the media representative is probably just as busy as you are. They’re not likely interested in a long-winded conversation. Instead, they want to quickly glean the value and benefit of further interest in your company. They’re trying to decide how far they’re going to take your story and what they’re going to write.

Just the Facts

Gather facts and data to back up your selling points. The media is going to want to make sure that you have proof. If you have supporting facts prepared, your contact will be both grateful and impressed. It makes their job easier and your story more interesting.

What Makes You Different?

Take a look at your company. What makes you different from your competition? What unique value do you offer your prospects and customers? How are your products or services different? And how is your position in the marketplace valuable? The media wants to have a unique angle for their story. By differentiating yourself you can help motivate them to cover your organization in their publication.


Spend a little time practicing your key points and, if possible, practice being interviewed. It’s true that you won’t really know what the media representative is going to ask you. However, a little practice will make you feel more comfortable.

Speaking to the media is a coveted opportunity. Before you pick up the phone or schedule a meeting, make sure you are prepared. Research the media representative. Have a clear understanding of your organization and your message. And try to look at your story from the reporter’s perspective. Help them create a great story about your company.

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