Can You Have a Press Release If You Don’t Have a Website?

In this day and age it’s kind of hard to imagine a business without a website. Yet there are many brick and mortar businesses that still don’t. Think about the many restaurants and local non-chain stores in your community. How many of them have a website? Probably less than 50 percent. 

And yet they can still benefit from submitting and distributing press releases. So to answer the question, “can you have a press release if you don’t have a website?” the answer is a resounding “yes!” Let’s take a look at how a press release can help offline businesses. 

Connecting With Journalists

Local reporters, magazine editors, and journalists want to write about local businesses. They don’t really care if the business has a website or not. What they care about is how the business impacts the community and their readers. As a brick and mortar establishment without a website, you can grab the attention of your local media by submitting press releases to your local papers and periodicals. 

For example, maybe a restaurant changed names, overhauled their menu, or hired a notable chef – those are all reasons to issue a press release. Maybe a local gift shop just started carrying a notable line of jewelry or art from a local artist. Let your media know what’s going on with your business. They may cover your story locally which can lead to larger coverage. Ultimately, it helps increase both awareness of your business and your sales. 

Your Audience is Online

Just because your business is not online does not mean your audience is not online. It’s estimated that almost 90% of Internet users search the Internet before they make a purchase. That includes offline purchases. When you issue press releases to share news about your business and industry, you help establish awareness. You also help create an online presence. 

Your online presence will help potential customers find you when they’re in need. It should also be noted that you probably already have an online presence even if you don’t have a website. Review sites like Google Places, Yahoo, and Yelp all allow people to publish reviews about businesses, and there may be reviews on your company.

You Still Have Marketing Goals

Offline businesses have marketing goals just like online ones do. Why wouldn’t you take advantage of all of the marketing options available to you? You can bet that online businesses use offline marketing tactics. They send mailers and advertise in the paper. They have customer referral programs just like you do. 

It’s just good business to leverage effective marketing tactics and press releases work. They help grab media attention. They increase awareness for your company and they can help strengthen your brand and increase your sales. 

Anthony Santiago is Director of Marketing at Newswire. With over a decade of experience in PR, he helps ensure that clients understand the value of brand messaging and reach.

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