How to Make Press Release Distribution More Streamlined and Efficient

Whether you write your press release or have it written by a professional, nothing is going to happen until you distribute it. You have to make your release available to the public and to the media in order to get results. But the distribution process can be overwhelming and mistakes can be made, so let’s take a look at some tips to help you make this process more efficient.

Outsource it

One simple step you can take to streamline your press release distribution process is to outsource the task. If you have a virtual assistant, let them know when the release needs to be published and where you want it to be published. For example, do you have a list of media contacts that it needs to be sent to?

Presumably, you’re also using a distribution service. Give your VA the login information and let them manage the process. It doesn’t get much more efficient than outsourcing.

An Action Plan

If outsourcing isn’t an option, the next best option is to create systems that support your success. Create a detailed action plan. Know the exact date your press release will be written.

From that point, the next step is to send your release to media contacts. You can streamline this step by creating a contact group within your email system or autoresponder. Upload the message to your media contacts, schedule it using your autoresponder’s scheduling tool, and don’t forget to track the results. Your autoresponder can tell you who clicked on your links, who opened your press release, and more.

Once you’ve sent to your media contacts you’ll want to publish the release via distribution services and social media. Look for a distribution service that also integrates with social media and you’ll save yourself a valuable step. Another time saving feature is a distribution service that provides analytics. You’ll know who reprinted your release and how much attention it’s getting.

Finally, if you’re emailing your release to your customers and prospects, use your autoresponder service to manage that task. You can upload the press release and check the box that sends the release to your subscribers and customer lists. If you don’t already have those lists (along with your media contact list) in your autoresponder, that’s a great task for a contractor to manage.

Don’t forget to check your analytics to help you learn what your customers, prospects, and the media respond to. This information is valuable to helping you build a strong press release marketing campaign.

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