Learn the Secrets to Prepare a Press Release the Media Will Use

Getting your press release shared by media begins with knowing the secrets of what the industry professionals are seeking. If you want people to share your story then you have to find a way to make it connect to them. People are always more interested in things that connect to them in some way.

The hook that you craft will lift you up above the noise of press releases that constantly bombards the media outlets. Applying these secrets to that hook, and to the design of your press release, will make it more likely that the media will use your story to share with their audience.

Top Secrets for Press Release Preparation

1. You care more about your story than the media cares. You have the most invested in the story. You understand the value and purpose of your story. The goal of the press release is to connect that passion for the story to the media professionals. You need to look for a connection or hook that will interest others.

2. Any story will work. Media outlets are looking for stories to fill the space between their ads. Ads are what make the publications possible. You have to make your story stand out from the others to secure its place in the publication. Keep in mind while preparing your press release that you have to find a way to make your story rise above the crowd.

3. The only thing that matters is getting the attention of the readers. Media publications are not worried about what you want or need. They are looking for the stories that will engage their readers and drive people to share the content or pick up a copy of the publication. 

4. Format does matter. Media professionals are limited in the time available to invest in a press release. They will seek out specific information in the expected locations. That is the reason formatting can be so important. Follow the industry guidelines – or any guidelines specific to the publication you are targeting.

5. The easier it is the more likely it will get picked up by the media. Make the information easy to find and the story easy to read. Check for grammar issues and spelling issues. Read the press release aloud to check for flow. Use bullet points, quotes, and embedded links. Keep it simple and easy to read in order to get the attention of the media.

Learn the truth about press releases so that you can craft a story that will be shared by the media. Understanding these simple secrets can help you put together a plan for your press release. Preparing your information before you begin crafting your story gives you the opportunity to hit all of the important points of a press release. 

Always remember that it has to be more than an ad or an announcement. A strong press release will engage the reader, touch the reader, or motivate the reader to share the story. The secrets to preparing your press release begin with the understanding that it is all about the reader.

Anthony Santiago is Director of Marketing at Newswire. With over a decade of experience in PR, he helps ensure that clients understand the value of brand messaging and reach.

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