Things to Double-Check Before Submitting a Press Release Online

You’ve written the perfect press release and it’s ready for submission – but wait! Do you have everything written in your press release? Are you sure that you haven’t missed out important keywords, details or your preferred call-to-action? Is your headline and boilerplate even interesting enough?

Sometimes, many people think that the press release we have written is perfect – but most of the time ends up getting rejected or not yielding great results. What is the perfect way to determine if we haven’t missed out important details in our press release?

The answer is pretty simple – the most important details are often overlooked by writers because they haven’t double checked their written piece! Editing might be an arduous task. Sometimes, no one doesn’t even have the time and the urge to double check their work, but if you want a press release that works, you have make sure that you double check and ensure that everything is written perfectly.

When it comes to editing, here are some important points that you have to check to ensure that it’s ‘all ready’ for publication:

  • Statistics, Important Details and Facts

Make sure that all facts and details listed in your press release come from reliable sources. If you have statistics, ensure that the data is tallied. You don’t want your readers to be misled by wrong information that you provide.

  • Coherence

Is your press release easy to read and understand?

  • Anchor Texts and Links

It is important that you get the anchor texts right, but it is also essential that the links are working! You don’t want someone to be redirected to a page that doesn’t work, don’t you?

  • Format

There are press release templates that you can follow, but if you’re using a custom one, make sure that you preview and see if the format you’re using adheres to the standard press release format.

  • Spelling and Grammar

Of course, grammar and spelling needs to be checked! No one wants to read misspelled words.

  • Contact Details

Don’t leave out your contact details – this is where they’d contact you and it is always important to be included in your summary.

  • Headline and Summary

The first thing that people would read would be your headline. Is it compelling enough?

Double checking and editing – these are two of the most important things that you have to do to ensure that your press release is perfect and ready for distribution.

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