How to Create a Consistent Press Release Marketing Plan

Adding press releases to your marketing strategy and marketing plan is an important step. Like any powerful marketing tactic, it’s important to have a plan to reach your goal. Know what you want to achieve and then create a plan to make it happen.

Ideally, you’ve already taken a look at your business plan, and more specifically your marketing strategy and goals. You’ve identified what you want press releases to accomplish for your business and you know how your press releases can support your business goals.

The next step is to add press releases to your marketing plan. The key with press releases, as with any marketing tactic, is consistency.

Press Release Marketing is Content Marketing

Don’t let your press release marketing ideas and initiatives sit in a vacuum. A press release, like a blog post, a case study, or a post on Facebook, is content. It needs to become part of your content marketing plan. Explore the options and opportunities within your content marketing plan by looking at the following:

Product/Service Launch Timetable

When you release a new product or service you inevitably use content to build hype and anticipation for the launch. You post more on social media, you blog more often, and you probably reach out to your email audience a few more times in the days leading up to your launch. Make sure that a press release is part of your launch content. Look ahead to the products and services you’re going to launch this year and start planning those press releases right now.

Social Media Marketing

How often do you interact on social media? What type of content do you publish? Look for opportunities to share your press releases on social media. Identify a press release distribution service that supports social media releases to make your efforts more effective.

Email Marketing

Explore your current email marketing content plan and look for opportunities to use this medium to share your press releases. Will your emailed releases need to be different? If so, how? Can you integrate your email release with your social media page by allowing subscribers to reprint or share your release on their social media accounts?

Content Calendar

One of the best ways to organize your content so that it works well together is to use a content calendar. This outlines what’s being published, when it’s being published, what your keywords and goals are, and any other relevant information. A content calendar will help you make sure that you’re consistently using your available marketing tactics to share and publish your press releases. It will help you keep your press release campaigns running smoothly so you never miss an opportunity to issue a release and tie it back into special events, promotions, holidays, or business news.

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