How to Capitalize On Current Events in Your Press Releases

There are many reasons to issue a press release. For example, you might be launching a new product or hosting an event. You probably have a few goals for your press release too, including driving traffic, boosting sales, and building your brand. News stories and current events are a way to help you achieve your goals. However, to capitalize on current events, you have to be able to act quickly, logically connect your press release information to the current event, and leverage social media.

Make it Relevant – In many instances you can logically connect current events and your press release. For example, you might announce an event that you can connect with a hot topic. A winter blizzard might inspire a hardware store to announce that they’re giving away free snow shovels to people who share the top stories on caring for their neighbors during the storm.

Watch the News Cycle – Keep an eye on the news and media, and capitalize on ways that can be connected to your business. For example, a health and fitness coach or product manufacturer can capitalize on the seasonal news about New Year’s Resolutions, swimsuit season, and so on.

Be Prepared to Act Quickly – News happens quickly. To capitalize on it, you need to be ready. That means having all of your systems lined up. For example, you’ll want to have a press release distribution service at the ready, a writer, and media from your marketing team. With a good system in place you can capitalize on current events and news with a press release in just a few short hours.

#Hashtags – If you’re sharing your press release on social media, then be sure to use a hashtag. This makes your press release searchable on sites like Facebook and Twitter. And if sharing facts, data, quotes and media from your press release is part of your marketing strategy, then be sure to hashtag those tweets and shares. If your press release can logically be connected to a current event, make sure to add the current event hashtag into your hashtag list.

Start assembling your team today and create your plan. Consider how your organization can stay on top of breaking news, trending topics, and current events. You might set up Google Alerts, and assign the task to your social media manager or marketing team. Also make sure that you have your distribution systems and service lined up and ready to go.

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