Tips To Get Better Results with Your Social Media Press Release

Social media press releases are a powerful addition to your press release marketing campaign. However, to attain your goals and take your press releases to the next level, it’s important to put extra effort into those press releases. There are thousands of releases published each day. The following tips will help you stand out from the crowd.

Make sure it’s designed for small screens. People, and journalists, access social media from their mobile devices. If they can’t read your release on their phones, they’ll click away.

Rich with relevant images, photos, graphics, infographics, and video. Social media releases are shared more often, and reprinted more often, when they are visually interesting. Keep in mind that the images do need to support the content in your press release.

Popular search terms. Sometimes popular search terms and topics trump newsworthiness. The media is generally looking for an edge or a unique way to approach a popular topic. You can sometimes get better results with your release if you hit upon a trend.

Ask for the share. It’s perfectly okay and has been proven successful to ask social media friends and followers to help. In fact, CVS issued a press release when they were going to stop selling cigarettes and tobacco and asked people to share the news. It worked.

Quotes, quotes, quotes. Get great quotes from customers, management, and executives. Share the quotes as social media tidbits. A good quote can be shortened to 140 characters and shared on Twitter with fantastic results. And quotes humanize your release and add personality and interest – exactly what people are interested in on social sites.

Share on a number of social sites. Don’t limit yourself to Facebook and Twitter. Pinterest, Instagram, Vine, Flickr and YouTube are all additional options to help increase awareness for your press release.

A call to action is a must. With a social media press release your call to action can be in the sidebar and at the bottom of your press release in the closing paragraph. If you have a “Click now” type call to action in your sidebar, you can make it a graphic button to ensure your readers don’t miss it.

Include embedded, trackable, links. These links provide you with the ability to track your results and also to see who is sharing and reprinting your release. It’s one of the most useful tools and it can help ensure future press releases are successful.

Finally, make sure to use analytics to track your results. iNewswire provides social media reporting and your website analytics should also provide insight. Learn what works so you can make press release success a repeatable process.

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