How to Build Your List with a Press Release

One of the often overlooked goals for a press release marketing campaign is the goal of using a release to start or grow your email list. Email marketing is still one of the most powerful marketing channels available to business owners. A press release can be part of your email list building campaign.

Step #1 Create a Fabulous And Value Driven Opt-In

The first step is to create an opt-in offer that solves a primary problem for your audience. The opt-in needs to be informative and useful, while not providing so much information that your prospects don’t need your products or services. It needs to be just useful enough. There are an abundance of options for a compelling opt-in.

Examples of opt-ins:

• EBook
• Webinar or online event
• Transcription of a webinar or online event
• “How to” video or video series
• Online course
• Workbook or report

Work hard to create an opt-in that will grab attention and promise value. You want your prospects to need your information.

Step #2 Market the Opt-In

Once you have your opt-in offer, the next step is to promote it. You’ll create an opt-in page and a sign up form. It’s essential that you require people to subscribe to receive the information. You’ll also want to create a press release to announce the opt-in and to discuss the value. How does your new free product provide value to your audience? What problem does the opt-in solve for your audience?

Distribute your press release. Use a press release distribution service to reach the widest audience. Because social media is so powerful, it’s a good idea to find a distribution service that also offers social media functionality.

Step #3 Deliver On Your Promise

The next step, once you begin receiving sign-ups, is to follow through and deliver the information. Use an autoresponder service to manage your opt-ins and to deliver the information to your new subscriber. You can send them a download attached in an email message, or you can send subscribers to a unique URL where they can download the opt-in.

Step #4 Track Results

Stay on top of how your press release is working. How much traffic is it generating? How many new subscribers did your press release result in? You can issue a new press release if you make any changes or updates to your opt-in. This also presents you with the opportunity to include reviews, testimonials and case studies.

Press releases can be used to achieve a number of goals. Don’t forget to use them as a tool to help build your email list and launch an email marketing campaign. It’s an opportunity to share the good news and reach a new audience.

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