4 Reasons Why Your Content Needs A Call To Action

One of the main reasons why many press releases are not successful and don’t give a good return on investment is because they don’t have a clear call to action within them. There are a number of reasons to set a CTA.


1-Goal achievement

Often, the person sending out the press release does not have a clear set of goals for that release. Setting a goal means you can then formulate the right CTA to achieve that goal.

There can be several different goals for your press release. The main goal can be to get more:




Depending on which you choose, you will then create the CTA. For example, if you wish to get more subscribers, you might offer them an interesting free special report. You would then create a CTA to encourage them to get the report.

The wording of the CTA might be something like, “Get your free special report about X now,” with those words being hyperlinked. That link would then send them to a landing page which would ask for their email address and send them to a link where they could download the report that had been offered.

2-Return on investment

Every press release needs a CTA in order to help measure return on investment, or ROI. It isn’t enough for people to just read the press release. You want them to take action. Only through CTAs can you determine how much ‘bang for your buck’ you are getting from the time and effort you are putting into crafting your press releases. CTAs can also help you determine the ROI of any money you spend on paid press release distribution services.

3-Getting your audience to engage with the content

The best press releases include media that you can try to get readers to engage with through a specific CTA. For example, if you include a video with your press release, get them to watch the video by explaining why it is useful and how to view it, such as to click on the arrow at the bottom of the screen.

If you provide images, grant them permission to use them freely provided they give your company name and a link back to your URL.

If you create a gorgeous infographic, also grant them permission to quote from it or cite it as their original source.

You might also create a CTA that allows them to syndicate the content through your RSS feed.

4-Getting your audience to build a relationship with you for the long-term

The best marketing these days is all about relationship-building with your target audience. In the case of journalists and professional bloggers, put your best foot forward so you will create the impression that you are exactly the kind of clued-in company who knows what they need in terms of press releases and content, and can deliver it. Sign them up for your special media professionals mailing list. Offer them great fact sheets and tips sheets. Offer them guest blog content.

CTAs are essential for getting the most out of each press release, so if you have not already been creating them, review your most recent draft press release and add CTAs in line with your press release goals.

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Anthony Santiago is Director of Marketing at Newswire. With over a decade of experience in PR, he helps ensure that clients understand the value of brand messaging and reach.

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