How to Promote Properties on Instagram

Real estate agents have many tools at their disposal. Social media channels are one set of those powerful tools. There are of course a number of social channels that you can use, from Facebook to Pinterest. One of the more effective social media sites is Instagram.

Instagram for Real Estate Agents

There are various ways agents can use Instagram. One of the most powerful tactics you can employ is using Instagram to promote your properties. After all, Instagram is a highly visual site – people post photos and videos. And you have high quality images of your properties. You may even have some videos too. It’s the perfect match.

Tips for Promoting Your Properties

1. Share Listings You’re Proud to Show Off

Your Instagram page represents you as a professional. You want to showcase your best listings. You likely have a variety of listings. Choose the top ones, not necessarily the most expensive, but the ones that look the best.

2. High Quality Photos and Videos

If you don’t have a professional photographer shooting your properties, consider hiring one. What is needed to produce a high-quality photo? A great staged photo! That includes getting nice lighting, a perfect background, and conveying what you want to say. Having low-quality photos can harm your image as a professional.

3. Hashtags

Hashtags are tools that people can use on Instagram to search for what they’re interested in. Consider tagging your posts with tags that represent the image.

For example: Hashtag your neighborhood and city to connect to users searching for local properties. Use #RealEstate, #Realtor, and #YourRealEsateName to help people find you and your agency.

And don’t forget #NewListing, #JustListed, #JustSold, and #ForSale.

…And don’t forget: #NewListing, #JustListed, #JustSold, and #Forsale! Other hashtags you can. use are: #OpenHouse, #HouesHunting, #DreamHouse, #DreamHome, #StarterHome, #Flip, and #Investment to help add interest and description to the listing. If you have a brand slogan or common phrase that you use, hashtag it as well!

4. Include a Call to Action

The caption of every listing should include a description of the property! But, don’t give away too much, you want your audience to ask you for more. You might send them to your website, include a contact form, or ask them to DM (direct message) you. Be sure that you respond quickly to anyone who reaches out to you.

5. Consider Instagram Ads

If you have a particularly exciting property, consider using an ad to promote it. Send people to a contact page where they give you their email address and permission to send emails. You can notify them when you have a new listing or reach out to them when you found what they’re looking for. There are many ways to leverage Instagram for your real estate business. The best approach is to create a strategy and a plan to deliver consistent content. Build a strong profile and then let your amazing listings do the work for you.

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